Malaysia SPM Form 5 Physics: Wave

1.1 Oscillation
1.2 Understanding Wave
1.3 Understanding Wave - Calculation
2.1 Wave Phenomena - Reflection and Refraction
2.2 Wave Phenomena - Difraction and Interference
3.1 Sound Wave

4.1 Electromagnetic Wave
4.2 Light Wave
4.3 Light Wave - Calculation

Understanding Wave - Oscillation

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1. A pendulum is oscillating with amplitude 2cm and frequency 1.5Hz. Which of the following graphs correctly shows the displacement of the pendulum bob against time?

Choice 1

Choice 2

Choice 3

Choice 4

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2. Which of the following quantities will decrease when an oscillating system undergoes damped oscillation?
Choice 1 Speed
Choice 2 Amplitude
Choice 3 Frequency
Choice 4 Wave length

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3. Damping of an oscillating system is due to
Choice 1 the system is losing energy to the surrounding.
Choice 2 the system has been set up wrongly.
Choice 3 the system is not oscillating in vacuum
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4. A force oscillation is

Choice 1 A system oscillates with maximum amplitude.
Choice 2 A system oscillates with decreasing amplitude.
Choice 3 A system oscillates with the help of an external force.
Choice 4 A system oscillates without any external force act on it.

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5. When an oscillating spring reaches resonance state, it
Choice 1 Stop oscillates.
Choice 2 Experiencing damped oscillation.
Choice 3 Oscillates with maximum amplitude.
Choice 4 Oscillates with higher frequency.

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6. The natural frequency of a spring is f Herz. Resonance happens if the frequency of the external force that applied on it is
Choice 1 0.5f Hz
Choice 2 f Hz
Choice 3 2f Hz
Choice 4 4f Hz

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7. Five pendulums are hung at a wire PQ. The pendulum X is displaced and then released. Which of the other pendulum will oscillate with greatest amplitude?
Choice 1 Pendulum A
Choice 2 Pendulum B
Choice 3 Pendulum C
Choice 4 Pendulum D

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8. A thin piece of glass is broken when a soprano is singing with a high pitch. This probably is caused by a physics phenomena called
Choice 1 Diffraction
Choice 2 Interference
Choice 3 Damping
Choice 4 Resonance

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9. It is observed that a car will vibrate intensely at a particular speed. This is probably due to
Choice 1 Inertia
Choice 2 Resonance
Choice 3 Damping
Choice 4 Diffraction

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