Malaysia SPM Form 5 Physics - Electromagnetism

1.1 Introduction to Magnetism
1.2Straight Wire and Coil
1.3 Solenoid
1.4 Uses of Electromagnet
2.1 Catapult Force
2.2 Application of Catapult Force
3.1 Electromagnetic Induction
3.2 DC and AC Generator
4.1 Transformer
4.2 Transformer - Calculation
5.1 Generation and Transmission of electricity

Uses of Electromagnet

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1. Which of the following is not one of the uses of an electromagnet?
Choice 1 Telephone earpiece
Choice 2 Electromagnetic relay
Choice 3 Circuit Breaker
Choice 4 Microphone

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2. Which of the following is TRUE regarding an electric bell?
Choice 1 It uses alternating current in its circuit
Choice 2 It uses electromagnet.
Choice 3 It uses both permanent magnet and electromagnet
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3. Which of the design in the figure produces the strongest magnetic field if the current are equals in all cases? (The arrow shows the direction of the current.)
Choice 1 P
Choice 2 Q
Choice 3 R
Choice 4 S

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4. A direct current passes through a conductor will produce
Choice 1 an electromagnetic wave.
Choice 2 an electric field
Choice 3 a magnetic field
Choice 4 a gravitational field

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5. The figure shows a lifting magnet. A lifting magnet is

Choice 1 A permanent magnet
Choice 2 An electromagnet
Choice 3 A combination of a permanent magnet and an electromagnet.

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