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About Us

Versi Bahasa Malaysia | 中文版 is a free online learning portal specially designed for Malaysian teachers and students in primary and secondary level which supplies electronic learning material such as books, notes, mind map, flash cards through the Internet free of charge.

Our Objectives:

Providing a platform for teachers to develops and shares their knowledge and teaching source.

All this while teachers have always had their teaching aids prepared individually. Only a few are sharing the database they build. But the process of preparing multimedia teaching aids such as the PowerPoint presentation are tedious and time consuming especially for those teachers lack computer skills. As a result a lot of those who initially interested in electronic teaching methods finally abandoning the idea.

Teachers nowadays are being burden with bundles of paper works, thus it has become our aspiration to build this Internet platform and together we could build a complete supplementary teaching and learning material network. The network is available for teachers to copy, duplicate, and modify so they could use the information taken to prepare their own teaching notes or electronic slides (subjects to our copyright policy).

Our main sponsor, Home Education Concept has agreed to provide their digital image gallery to the teachers for non-commercial usage. You could browse through the digital image gallery by clicking the ‘Gallery’ link in One-Books Wiki. Through One-Books Wiki you are free to use these images or insert any other contents for your educational purposes (subject to our copyright policy).

Providing a complete electronic supplementary network for students to develop self-learning skills by breaking the spoon-feed rituals and to encourage them to compile educational information from the Internet.
Students seldom browse the Internet to search for academic related information as they do not know how to differentiate between educational information and non-educational information. Electronic books published in One-Books Wiki are all syllabus based as issued by the Ministry of Education. They also include some extra information so that they learn topics within the syllabus and acquiring new knowledge as well.

Multimedia information such as Youtube links are also provided in our electronic books. These interesting educational images and animations are hoped to increase student’s interest in their studies.

About us is an educational website founded by a group of people who share the same dream and ambition towards Internet based education. The website is sponsored by Home Educational Concept, a company interested in education learning through the Internet. It provides various internet based educational programs for students and the public at large.

We need human skills and massive financial support to build and maintain this website. It has become our dream to strive and grow stronger through mutual guidance and cooperation from all.