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Medical Medline Plus Yahoo Health DrKoop
  Internet Mental Health    
Religion World Religion Catholic Enc. Judaism 101
  Enc. Mythica Shi’ite Enc. The Ecole Initiative (Early Church History)
Science Science Enc. Enc. of Psychology Enc. of Plant
  Enc. of Atmospheric
Enc. of Sustainable
Mathematics Enc. of Integer Sequences    
Info. Tech. TechEncyclopedia NetworkWorld
  Virus Enc.    
Phylosophy Enc. Philosophy Stanford Enc. phylo.  
Geography Country Reports Atlapedia  
Education Enc. Educational Tech.    
Art & Humanity Artcyclopedia World History Enc. Enc. Cleveland History
  Enc. USA History Hyper History Online Enc. of The Orient
  Enc. of American History The Canadian En. French Enc.
  Cambridge History of Eng. and American Literature   Jewish Enc.
Eco. & Business Enc. Enc. of Law & Eco.  
Others Orchid Photo Enc. Enc.f Cheese Cook’s Thesaurus