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Nota Kimia Bahasa Melayu
Tingkatan 4
02 Struktur Atom
03 Formula dan Persamaan Kimia
04 Jadual Berkala
05 Ikatan Kimia
06 Elektrokimia
07 Asid dan Bes
08 Garam
09 Bahan Buatan Dalam Industri

Tingkatan 5
01 Kadar Tindak Balas
02 Sebatian Karbon
03 Pengoksidaan dan Penurunan
04 Termokimia
05 Bahan Kimia Untuk Pengguna

Chemistry Notes in English
Form 4
02 The Structure of Atom
03 Chemical Formulae and Equations
04 Periodic Table
05 Chemical Bonds
06 Electrochemistry
07 Acids and Bases
08 Salt
09 Manufactured Substances in Industry

Complete Formulae List (Highly recomended)
Chemical Reaction List - Form 4
Chemical Reaction List - Form 5

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Topical Exercises from MyHomeTuition.com

Form 4 Exercises
Form 5 Exercises

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